ConservativeHome Poll puts Truss Ahead

Rishi Sunak needs a massive game-changer to turn this contest round if latest poll results are correct

Latest Results – 4th August 2022

Truss 58 per cent, Sunak 26 per cent – 12 per cent undecided

ConservativeHome Poll 4 August 2022
ConservativeHome Poll 4 August 2022

The accuracy of the poll is strengthened by similar poll results from YouGov

Here are the figures.

Liz Truss: 58 per cent (ConHome), 60 per cent (YouGov).

Rishi Sunak: 26 per cent (ConHome), 26 per cent (YouGov).

Don’t know: 12 per cent (ConHome), 11 per cent (YouGov).

But Ms Truss told supporters she is “not taking anything for granted” and a backer of Mr Sunak, Tory MP Mel Stride, said it was “all to play for”.

He told Sky News: “We know through our MPs working amongst their membership is that Rishi’s position is far stronger than many are imagining.